Poppies to remember

Plastic bottles were recycled by cutting off the bases. The children carefully painted them so they looked like poppies. They were then attached to netting, and a wreath to make our fabulous display.

' We made a special display of poppies for the 100th anniversary of the ending of WW1'  (Matthew,9)

'We remember the tragic events of WW1 with poppies and it has been a century since it ended.' (Billal, 10)
'Poppies make us think about the poor soldiers who died in the wars like WW1' (Clare, 8)
The poppy display stands proudly outside our school on Preston New Road, for all to see; and Mrs Kenrick and two School Councillors took our wreath to St Cuthbert's Church where they left it, along with others from schools in the area.


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