Without mathematics there is nothing that you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.’    Shakuntala Devi

At Larkfield, we recognise that a strong mathematical knowledge is fundamentally important to each child’s ability to explore the world in which they live. Consequently, we aim to develop young mathematicians with the following attributes:

  • Curiosity to make mathematical statements and investigate them
  • The ability to reason about mathematics
  • A solid understanding of how concrete resources can provide representations that will help them to learn.
  • A good understanding of appropriate mathematical vocabulary and the ability to use it effectively to express ideas
  • Resilience to be able to see the challenge of overcoming mistakes as important and exciting steps to learning and discovery
  • Perseverance in finding an answer by trying different strategies until the correct answer is found
  • Fluency in number bonds and times tables
  • The ability to make links and apply basic maths skills to all areas of the curriculum and beyond.


By the end of Year 6 a Larkfield child will have developed the ability to calculate effectively. Through the implementation of our curriculum, children will have a clear understanding of the processes involved which ultimately will allow them to identify when answers do not make mathematical sense. Children will be able to apply these calculation skills and understanding of other areas to become confident and resilient problem-solvers with the ability to reason and articulate their ideas mathematically. Children will have the language to be able to justify, reason and explain their answers.

Above all, Larkfield mathematicians will enjoy the subject and look forward to further developing their knowledge as they move to high school.

We believe that pupils learn Mathematics best through a Mastery approach where teaching is broken down into small, manageable steps. To that end, we use White Rose Maths materials as our general scheme, whilst drawing upon resources from other providers such as NCETM. In addition, we are part of a Maths Hub, engage in research projects and benefit from working with a Maths Consultant.

Where pupils have gaps in their mathematical knowledge, we aim to identify these and close them as quickly as possible through the use of skilled intervention.

As we continue to work to overcome the impact of the Covid Pandemic on learning, we are focussing on the 'Ready to Progress' approach, which places greater emphasis on key aspects of the Mathematics curriculum. The latest version of White Rose mathematics embraces this approach. A yearly overview for each year group is available below, together with a mapping document providing more detail. The full White Rose schemes are available by following this link White Rose Maths

The overview documents are representative - class teachers have flexibility to adjust these to best suit the learning needs of their class.



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