Autumn 2 Week 1

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 10:03pm

Well, what a week we have had in Y1/2M!  The children came back on Monday refreshed and ready to learn and have worked so hard this week, completing all their challenges in record time!  This week, we have been learning about the history of bonfire night, and the children did some fantastic writing about Guy Fawkes.  We also learnt about Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, creating a picture of them using different 2D shapes and building them out of Lego.  In geography, we identified the different countries and capitals of the United Kingdom, labelling them on a map.  

On Thursday, we took part in Outdoor Classroom day.  We started the day with science, looking at how rockets were propelled into the sky.  We made predictions about what would happen when we caused a chemical reaction by putting Mentos into coke and then watched our bottle of coke shoot very quickly across the playground!  After science, the children paired up and did a phonics treasure hunt around the school grounds, using their decoding skills to read different words.  Next, it was time for a campfire, skilfully built by Mrs Morgan.  We toasted marshmallows over the fire and then made them into delicious smores with the help of chocolate biscuits.  After lunch, we enjoyed hot chocolate under the shelter before making up a firework dance in PE.  We chose different sounds and movements to go with each of the different fireworks and then decided on an order for them, before keeping in time with each other to perform our dance.  It really was a great day, full of learning and laughter (especially when Mrs McQuiston soaked herself from head to toe in coke during the science experiment!).  We topped off the week on Friday with a day full of sports skills.

Next week, we will be continuing to work on our class book, "The Last Wolf", looking at different endangered animals and finding out facts about them.  In science, we will be creating 3D models of different habitats in shoeboxes and thinking about which animals would live in those habitats.  In geography, we will be creating a map for our main character, Red, to help her find her way from her house to the treehouse at the other end of the forest.  In maths, we will be learning about odd and even numbers, number bonds to 10 (Y1), and adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers (Y2).  

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs McQuiston, Mrs Hoskin and Mrs Peart


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